Over Engineered Travel

From sprockets and sockets to byways and highways. We're on a ride.


Back in June 2016 I finally decided to start writing.  During our trip (July – October) across Russia and Central Asia to Mongolia it was the repository of thoughts, experiences and memories of mine and Howard’s motorcycle overland adventure from London.

The Trip blogs were mainly a chronological tail of adventure for our family and friends. Now the blog is here to (hopefully) inspire, support and maybe even advise others who feel they want do to something equally as silly. I’ll add infrequent articles of stuff I think might be helpful, or bits I just want to write about, in the hope someone will find joy in reading it.

Peruse, read, enjoy.

Editorial note: many posts have been written on the fly on my phone. There are typos and grammatical errors. Life is too short for me to worry about them now. I hope you can enjoy the stories regardless of the annoyance of poor English.