After last year’s trip, we’re dreaming of another adventure. I do a terrible job of watching too many adventure videos on YouTube and we find ourselves saying things like ‘should we do America next or head to Magadan, we should do Magadan… or maybe Nepal, oh I’d love to go back to Nepal’ (and so it continues). Reality soon hits and we remember we’re years off another long haul.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun on the bikes though and we’ve already made some plans for this year. We started with ‘a holiday’ and decided (based on a random recommendation) that time and finances permitting it would be ace to go to north Portugal, possibly in the autumn. Apparently there is some great riding there and very few restrictions compared to the UK.

This keeps me thinking, if we’re going off roading in Portugal, I need to keep practicing so I don’t feel like a total novice again when we get there.

I’m reminded daily (mainly through the pictures in my room!) that the longer I don’t ride, the less confidence I have and the more skills I forget. I need to get back out in the lanes and spring really couldn’t come quick enough. So a few weeks ago I picked Gertrude up from Cornwall.

Keeping the dream alive

After a bit (who am I kidding, a lot!) of debate, Howard and I decided we needed a little challenge sooner rather than later.  After throwing caution to the wind, we signed up to the Motor Cycling Club’s Lands End Trail taking place over the Easter weekend.

On paying the fee, it suddenly dawned on me with a stab of panic what I’d just committed to do; riding off road from midnight on Good Friday through to 3pm on Easter Saturday, from Bridgewater to somewhere in Cornwall.

Here’s a taster (thanks whoever posted this on YouTube, hope you don’t mind me sharing):

Now I really need to consistently get some decent practice in, get over my fear of mud, ruts and riding in the dark. Not much to ask of myself there then!

Next on the agenda was find some time and people to go trailing with, which started this weekend and the guys at Ride the Wild in Surrey Hills.