A whistle stop account of the last three days:

Tuesday 2nd

We stayed just outside Zermatt camping in Randa. The goal – to visit the highest peaks in Switzerland; primarily Mont Rosa and The Matterhorn.

Mont Rosa and the biggest glacier in the alps

The Matterhorn

Wednesday 3rd

Riding all day back to France via a viewing spot to see some more of Switzerland’s biggest peaks.

Today was the first day we needed our wet weather riding gear. As much as I’ve whinged about the heat, we have been blessed with this weather – riding in the rain is not fun, especially on knobbly tyres around bends.

We booked an AirBnB near St Gervais. Finishing off our mountain tour nicely with the biggest of the lot – Mont Blanc.

Thursday 4th

Howard’s birthday! And we celebrated by walking to Les Contamines, where I lived during a ski season back in 2004.

Mont Blanc
Les Contamines down in the valley
The view from Bettex (where we stayed) across to the mountains

Friday 5th

We rode 384km from St Gervais to Chilhac (outskirts of volcano country).

It was uneventful road riding other than the lunch spot Howard took me to. For those suitably intrigued, look up Aire de Picnic near Lyon and read the Google review.

Stayed in a lovely campsite in Chilhac on the river L’ Allier.

The only place open for food at 9pm was a bar that had an extensive menu of jambon et fromage (and local beer which goes down very well when dehydrated!)