Over Engineered Travel

From sprockets and sockets to byways and highways. We're on a ride.


Howard always talked of a motorcycle trip once he left the Navy. One of those things that guys with bikes just need to do right? I always thought it was a great idea and always imagined it was something he would do alone… until it became feasible that he might just let me go with him. That was it, I caught his bug and couldn’t shake it. Now we’ve had this adventure. Howard quit the Navy and I amazingly had four months off work.

The trip was what I called a celebration of jobs no longer dictating whether we can be together or not… and for me, a new found love for motorcycles. For Howard it was also a test of his magnificent engineering skills, having taken a year to rebuilt his XT from scratch and getting us all through the 12700 miles relatively unscathed. 

We now play with the bikes at weekends and reminisce daily. We still live apart as my work is in London and Howard is based in Southampton. 
Editorial note: many posts have been written on the fly on my phone. There are typos and grammatical errors. Life is too short for me to worry about them now. I hope you can enjoy the stories regardless of the annoyance of poor English.