Of all the things I thought might derail this holiday, a scorching ‘potentially deadly’ heatwave wasn’t one of them. Temperatures have hit higher 30s and in some areas 40 degrees. Watching the news today I can absolutely believe the predictions of 45.

BBC weather Europe heat wave
Warnings of the heatwave from the U.K.

Riding has become an unpleasant mix of hair dryer heat blowing on full blast in our faces followed by an instant sauna as soon as we stop. It’s incredibly hard work and exhausting. Considering the warnings and forecast to last until early next week, we’ve thrown our plan out the window and hatching a new one – continuing the TET in France would be stupid and miserable in this heat.

Monday – Wednesday

Monday was a laborious attempt to get to Dijon, we didn’t make it and hunkered down in a campsite called Sur Yonne near a tiny village, Reviry, on the western outskirts of the Morvan natural park. We took no photos.

We got up at 5am on Tuesday with the aim of riding as far as possible towards Switzerland before the heat became unbearable. The day started with an unexpected ride through a forest (we were those people who followed the GPS when we probably shouldn’t have. Howard has fun, I was less impressed).

Riding motorbikes in forest trails
Yes that is Howard riding Gertrude
Me next to bikes in the woods
My less impressed look

Morvan natural park was also stunning – it was beautiful riding through at 7am too!

At Pontailler sur Saône we stopped for coffee and decided to head for some shelter in a gite at St Maurice sur Moselle. The slight altitude and ride to get here was what sold it.

It was 3pm and we were well baked on arrival.

We took Wednesday (today) off to figure out what to do now and recoup after a few long days.

Unable to ignore whats around us, once again we were up early to get out before the worst of the heat. Our walk to the summit was worth the alarm.

The new plan

We are working on a hypothesis that the mountains will be slightly cooler and spending longer in Switzerland will be better than sticking only on the TET and going to south France. Touring Switzerland’s highest peaks is particularly appealing. Howard is mapping a new route. Tomorrow will be another early alarm…

Thanks everyone who has messaged to check how we are getting on in light of the heatwave news – we are sweaty but we’re ok!